Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Day in Colorado Springs

Hello everyone! The morning at the clinic today went kind of slow. However this afternoon was busy. The wrestlers finished with a simulated tournament in the afternoon and some of them got banged up. So this kept us busy for quite some time. Later on in the evening I got to watch the wrestlers do another simulated tournament. It was fun to watch these guys. Wrestling some times gets a bad rap, but the amount of work and the wear and tear these guys put on their bodies is amazing. If you take the time to understand the sport, it really is fun to watch. I've been around athletics for most of my life and I can think of no tougher and demanding sport than wrestling!

I hope to take some pictures and post them on my Blog this weekend. It is hard to believe it is the weekend already. Time is flying by. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous blog but the food that they serve here in the cafeteria is very good. There is quite a variety and just about everything I have eaten was delicious.

Well until next time, God bless,


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  1. You are my hero Dr. DeWitt. Can't wait to see u back in the big town of Delphos.