Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All This Counting Makes MY Head Hurt!

The title of this Blog may be what your thinking but trust me it will all be worth it. Other than the obvious reason to counting calories, another benefit of this 2 week journey into calorie counting is to help make you aware of what a reasonable portion size is. Once you have a good feel for this and understand which foods are calorie dense (lots of calories in a small portion) and which ones aren’t, you will feel more comfortable picking out food at the grocery and eating out without the aid of a book or computer program. Before following this program I was ignorant for the most part about what a reasonable portion size for a particular food was. Now I play the guessing game with Nancy when we buy or order food. Yeah I know what your thinking, this guy needs to get a life. While this is probably true, I have gotten pretty good at guessing the calories in a portion of food. So if we forget to bring our phones with us, that have the calorie content of different foods on it, we can be pretty confident that we know what foods to get and how much we should be eating without looking it up. It’s all about being aware of what you are doing. Understanding what is good for you, what isn’t, what is calorie dense and what isn’t. We need to educate ourselves about what we are putting into our bodies. When we do this we gain the understanding that will help us be in control of our bodies general well being.

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