Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Diet, weight loss, weight management, wellness... What is it?

I thought I would start blogging about different health related issues I have a special interest in and those issues I see in my office. By no means are my comments meant to be considered infallible. They are just one health care professionals thoughts and opinions. I hope they help to provide some food for critical thought as it relates to health.

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a weight loss program at a seminar I attended, a few months before this I was approached to do a multi-level marketing weight loss program and over the last year I have noticed there has been a trend in the chiropractic profession to market weight loss programs. You throw in all the other programs and products from other professions, companies etc. and it makes for a rather confusing environment for just about anyone. As I stepped back to reflect on all of this, I asked myself what is a good weight loss program. Certainly there is no iron clad answer to this question. There are endless programs, books and opinions. Most, if followed will result in some sort of weight loss. Does just losing weight equate to a program as being effective? The answer to to this question is.... it depends. If your goal is to lose weight, then the program that allows you to do this, is a good program. For me, weight loss should be looked at as a byproduct of a good overall wellness program. A program of wellness is gradually making life style changes that promote and enhance ones general health and well being. As you implement these changes they become a part of your daily life, they become habit. By no means is this an easy process. Breaking habits that we have engaged in for years or even a lifetime can be difficult to drop. A personal example of this is the battle I engage in with the evil dark lord mountain dew! No matter how many times I swear I'll never drink this sweet elixir of high fructose goodness, I find myself with a can of it in my hand. So please don't think I'm sitting in my ivory tower looking down. I struggle as much as the next person, especially as I get older. I'll expand my discussion on this wellness and weight loss stuff in my next blog.

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